Autumn Commencement Speaker

David H. Steigerwald

David H. Steigerwald
Department of History
The Ohio State University

Professor David H. Steigerwald teaches 20th century American history at the university’s Marion and Columbus campuses. He is a nationally-recognized leader in the history of post-World War II America and American intellectual history.

He grew up in Dayton, and, as a first-generation college student, earned his bachelor’s in history from Ohio State in 1982. After earning his master’s and doctorate from the University of Rochester, Professor Steigerwald returned to Ohio State, where he has taught in the history department since 1991. 

Professor Steigerwald is the recipient of a number of teaching awards, including the university’s highest recognition for teaching excellence, the Alumni Distinguished Teaching Award (2009).  He is currently the director of the Department of History World War II Study Abroad Program.

He is the author or co-author of several books, including The Destiny of Choice: New Directions in Consumer History (2013), Debating the 1960s: Liberal, Conservative, and Radical Perspectives (2007), Culture's Vanities: The Paradox of Cultural Diversity in A Globalized World (2004), The Sixties and the End of Modern America (1995) and Wilsonian Idealism in America (1994).

He is completing a study of American thought in the Age of Affluence, which will appear as Lost in the Land of Plenty: Affluence and Alienation in Post-War America, 1945-2001.

Professor Steigerwald is also author of many essays, including Walter Reuther, the UAW, and the Dilemmas of Automation (2010), which was recognized as the year's best essay in American labor history by the journal Labor History.