August 7, 2022

Diploma Request and Certified Copy Instructions

Contact our office to request a replacement copy, certified copy or an additional print of your Ohio State University diploma.

Replacement, duplicate and certified copies of diplomas

Replacement or additional diplomas will be issued to Ohio State graduates upon written request to our office. To obtain a duplicate/replacement diploma, the graduate must complete a notarized Diploma Request Form and email a scanned copy of it to

Certified copies of an Ohio State diploma can also be requested through this office. To obtain a certified copy, the graduate must complete a notarized Diploma Request Form and email a scanned copy of it to Additionally, please send a clear, legible, photocopy of your diploma to and we will certify and mail it per your instructions. 

On average, it takes about two to four weeks from the time we place your order until you receive your diploma in the mail.

*Please note that processing times for these requests may be delayed. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


  • $15.00 per replacement/additional diploma
  • $3.00 per red diploma cover, upon request
  • $2.00 per certified copy, upon request
  • $9.00 for domestic shipping. For international shipping, please email with the recipient's mailing address to receive a quote. Note: In-person pickup of these items may be possible, but a time must be coordinated with the Office of Commencement and Special Events beforehand.


Payment is accepted through a secure, personalized, online link, which will be sent to your email address after your order form is received. We accept most major credit cards (i.e., Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, Diners Club and JCB). 

*Orders will not be processed until payment is received.


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